Firewall Log Analysis

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer 8.1

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer 8.1: Web based, Firewall Compliance, Configuration Change and Rules management, VPN a Firewall Analyzer is a web-based, agent-less firewall log analysis tool that collects, correlates, and reports on most enterprise firewalls, proxy servers, and VPNs. It includes automatic threshold-based alerting, pre-defined traffic reports, historical trending and more. It provides Firewall policy management, device configuration change management, configuration compliance report with security audit and configuration analysis. It provides out of the box industry standard firewall compliance reports.

AdventNet Firewall Analyzer 5.0: Web based Firewall,VPN and Proxy Server Log Analysis and reporting tool
AdventNet Firewall Analyzer 5.0

Firewall Analyzer is a web-based firewall log analysis tool that collects, correlates, and reports on most enterprise firewalls, proxy servers, and VPNs. It includes automatic threshold-based alerting, pre-defined traffic reports, historical trending and more. Supported firewalls include Check Point, Cisco PIX, SonicWALL, NetScreen, FortiGate, 3Com, and more.

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Active LogView 2.09.1

LogView is a full-featured server-side log analysis program. It has been designed to make it powerful and fast but still as easy as possible to use for both the novice and experienced user alike. Active LogView is the fastest and the most powerful traffic analyzer as it does not require importing the log file to a database - the analysis is performed on the log file itself and not on a database. Importantly, log analysis and reporting are performed

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XpoLog Center 5.0: Search engine and analysis platform for log data, search across logs and servers
XpoLog Center 5.0

analysis. Automated value help to accelerate troubleshooting, visualize data and reduce the manual work required in analyzing and search log data. XpoLog Log Analysis Platform main features include: Log collection Log files analysis Log viewer Log management Log parser Log format Indexing and search engine for logs Log monitor Access logs analysis and search Reports and dashboards on log data Automatic log mining Log analyzer Support any log and

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XpoLog Log Management and Analysis 3.7: Log management platform that automates problems detection during testing
XpoLog Log Management and Analysis 3.7

XpoLog log management and analysis platform generates usage reports on applications logs from production, helping testers to understand how the applications are used, and where to focus the testing efforts. Discovery of errors during testing, snapshots of logs and environments comparison are only a fragment of XpoLog`s features. Optimizing software quality and cleaning errors from the logs increase production success and solve problems faster

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MonitorWare Console 3.0: Analysis console for Windows & Network Events
MonitorWare Console 3.0

MonitorWare Console is an analysis application for Windows event logs, firewalls and network events. It offers live, interactive views and great reports. A number of helpful tools are included, even a network scanner. Reports can be scheduled for automatic generation. Included Reports cover Windows events, firewall reporting as well as generic network reporting. Great for security analysis.

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Web Log Filter 1.09.01: Web Log Filter lets you extract just the data you want from apache log files.
Web Log Filter 1.09.01

logs in standard web log analysis tools. Web Log Filter runs simple scripts that will rip through a log file at blazing speed and extract just the lines you care about (discarding the rest) and create one or more new log files, which are smaller and more manageable. If you`ve ever tried loading a 5gb log file into a standard desktop web log analysis program you know it can be an extremely painful process. Many web log analysis programs will simply

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